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Spinal Decompression in Marlborough

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

This advanced motorized traction/distraction computer assisted therapy was invented by founder Allan Dyer, MD, PHD. Due to his own herniated disc he developed a computerized table that was able to gently stretching the spine by creating negative pressure in the disc. This in turn helps the bulging/herniated disc to retract, reducing pressure to the injury disc and increases fluids and nutrition to the injured discs.

Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression in Marlboro has been shown to be very effective in treating:

  • Bulging discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Radiating arm/leg pain
  • Degenerative disc disorder
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Neuropathy.
  • Facet syndrome

Patients seeking this therapy all undergo a thorough examination that includes, evaluation of complaints with full history, Orthopedic/neurological exam, review of x-rays, MRI and CT.  This evaluation is necessary to rule out any possible contraindications .Base on the results of the evaluation, each patient is provided with a specific protocol of treatments.

Treatments are relaxing, patients are fully clothed, some are face up some are face down depending on the condition. Treatment times can vary from 20 to 30 minutes and may require 20-25 treatments over 6 to 10 weeks on the average. This again depends on the evaluation findings and severity of the condition. The spinal decompression system has given us good to excellent relief in 86% of patients with protrusion/herniations and extrusion/herniations  and 75% of those with facet arthropathy (facet arthrosis).

On completion of the treatments recommendations are made for rehabilitation of the cervical or lumbar spine which ever was treated along with a maintenance program with specific exercises.

Contact Dr. Ed Chudzikiewicz at Marlboro Chiropractic in Marlborough to see if you are a candidate for this conservative procedure, today.


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