Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation is an intervention that aims its therapeutic focus from treating the symptoms to identifying and treating the cause. Generally, traditional medicine is geared towards affecting the chemical and hormonal control of the internal organs via less than effective methods resulting in continuation of symptoms. However, with Fascial Manipulation, the approach identifies the significance of the physiological balance of the human entity and centers itself on the primary movers of the joint. This aids in following the causes of pain to their core, addressing them, and thus returning the entity to its physiological balance. The goal of improving our patient’s quality of life with a wide scope of evaluation, multifaceted approach, and active listening allow us to hone in on the patient's account of pathological dysfunction and the signals being sent by their body. This aligns easily with our chiropractic approach for treating neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Call Marlboro Chiropractic today at 508-481-1133.