Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy

This unique type of therapy encourages muscles to relax, soften, lengthen, and strengthen. By manipulating the trigger points using moderate pressure (too much pressure can cause the muscles to tense up) and stretching, a chiropractor can help you reduce pain and increase mobility.

During trigger point therapy, your chiropractor will locate trigger points by pressing on muscle tissue or manipulating the muscle fibers. Once the trigger point has been located, the therapist applies pressure to gradually reduce your pain.

What can I expect from trigger point therapy?

As they apply pressure, your chiropractor may ask you to rate your discomfort on a one-to-ten scale, with one being the lowest level of discomfort and ten being excruciating pain. The chiropractor will apply gradual pressure until you reach a five or six on this scale, then apply steady pressure until the pain dissipates to a level two or lower. At this point, the trigger is assumed to be “deactivated.”

However, if the pain does not dissipate, it may not be a trigger point. In this instance, the therapist will stop and move on to another point.

A trigger point specialist may be hard to locate. The practitioners at Marlboro Chiropractic can help.

What you should know about Trigger Point Therapy:

  • It is sometimes called myofascial trigger point therapy (myo for muscle and fascia for the connective tissue surrounding the muscle).
  • It took time for the muscle to develop a trigger point, and it may take more than one appointment to deactivate it.
  • To avoid the trigger point reactivating, you may need to change the way your body moves and improve posture.
  • Trigger point therapy may be uncomfortable, but does not cause pain.
  • We utilize an Arthrostim hand held unit to treat these trigger point areas with ease and total comfort with precise application.

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