What is ChiroSight digital X-Ray?

Only ChiroSight, the only digital x-ray software designed specifically for chiropractic use, enhances our ability to diagnose, treat, and communicate with our patients. Its sophisticated tools and features enable us to generate diagnostic-quality images in seconds, then annotate, stitch, adjust, and analyze them to generate instant Reports of Findings and other visual records.

This diagnostic tool supports doctors in understanding biomechanical pathology. This solution takes the guesswork out of personally interpreting X-rays by allowing the doctor to digitize and report on pathology in an easy-to-use interface and dashboard to organize information. The reliability of X-rays in morphology measurements and biomechanics have been determined as accurate and reproducible in both chiropractic and medical specialties.

woman having lower back pain

What Are the Advantages of a Digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays provide a number of advantages over their predecessor. These include the following:

  • Less radiation exposure. This is an important factor, as less radiation exposure means less risk of radiation-linked cancer. Because you’re unknowingly exposed to low amounts of radiation every day, it’s smart to limit it when possible.

  • Instant image availability. This allows Dr. Ed to begin developing a treatment plan faster. Additionally, you don’t have to wait to find out whether the initial scan provided a clear image. Dr. Ed knows this instantly, and can take a second X-ray can be taken on the spot (If necessary)

  • Images can be manipulated. If an area in your X-ray is difficult to see, the contrast can be increased or decreased. This gives a better view of the area of concern and helps ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Following your exam, your X-rays can be sent to your PCP, specialist or placed on a CD/Emailed for your personal record with the click of a button. Using secure and encrypted technology, your images are safe and sound. There’s no time wasted or risk of losing the images, which can occur when handling printed X-ray images

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